From the age of seventeen, Randy Loubier pursued "spirituality," engaging in many spiritual practices including the faiths of Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.  At the age of fifty, several events in his life led him to wonder if he was missing something spiritually.  Randy got curious about the book he had vowed he would never read, the Bible.  

"I had a lifetime of arguments against Jesus and the Bible, but I made a commitment to read it.  What I found was love.  Pure, fantastic, come-as-you-are love."

And what he also found was that Jesus is an amazing fit with the culture surrounding Asian faiths.  The Tea Room Scrolls courses will teach you pure scripture, in an Asian context, so you may see how the mysteries of Christ fit into your life.  If your background is "spiritual" or leans towards the Eastern faiths, it might seem like Christianity is foreign or distasteful. It isn't.  "If you join me on this journey, you will fall in love with Jesus in the tea room. I promise."

If you are ready to learn, you can skip the following videos and go straight to the courses. However, if you would like to get to know the teacher, Pastor Randy Loubier, here are some videos that will give you a flavor for his dynamic personality and some basic background information.  

Pastor Randy has been on television numerous times--the interview below will give you a great understanding of who he is, what his personality is like and what makes him tick.  

In this next video, which is much more low-key, Pastor Randy gives a short biography.

Also, check out the FAQ's below to learn more about Pastor Randy Loubier's unique teaching style and content.

Lastly, if you choose to engage in the any of the paid learning (beyond the free resources offered) please know that every nickel spent here and on ANY of Pastor Randy's books, courses and products goes straight to charity--and straight to the field. No salaries or stipends. Pastor Randy volunteers his time, as does everyone associated with Heart For God Ministries.

Social proof: testimonials

I am becoming a HUGE fan of author Randy Loubier.

Daniel Dunkirk

I am becoming a HUGE fan of author Randy Loubier. I read Slow Brewing Tea last year and loved it. gave it 5 stars. His latest work came out of Slow Brewing Tea. It is a Bible study that flows naturally from his "teaching" in Slow Brewing Tea. The Tea Room Scrolls will change how you think about spirituality. This volume one was amazing. (supposed to take 8 weeks as a course, but i couldn't put it down). I can't wait to read the next one. If you have ever been interested in eastern thought, but wonder how it compares to the teachings of Jesus, you need to discover Randy Loubier. He teaches the Bible but in a language I get.

A mindful and spiritual adventure – ‘Walk toward the mystery, rather than away’

by Grady Harp

Randy Loubier has experienced both Eastern and Western spirituality and blends these two approaches beautifully... The honesty with which Randy communicates makes this testimony about revisiting Christian beliefs as comfortable as an intimate conversation... Easy to read and understand, Randy’s words offer valuable insights for all who question the viability of Christianity, especially now as so many belief systems falter.

Unique approach to Christianity

Vine Voice

This is more than just way to pursue and know Christ, there are actionable steps to take, a weekly study guide, and more. Immersive and helpfully written, Loubier encourages Christians to explore their relationship with Christ, and get to know Him on a deeper level. Highly recommend.

You will never see "religion" the same after reading this book. nial title

Kindle Anonymous Reviewer

You will never see "religion" the same after reading this book. You've never seen Jesus like this--throw everything you've every heard or read about Christianity away, and start over with this book. Loubier distills religion down to the essentials, uniquely Jesus, uniquely loving, fabulously enticing. If you were going to take a fresh start at "spirituality," this is where to start! If you were going to strip religion/dogma/protocol away, you would get to the top five things Jesus taught. Discover for yourself what Jesus really said, and you will be surprised at how far we have strayed in the west, and how close we could be in the east.


  • If I have never studied the Bible, will I understand this material?

    Yes! The material is easy to understand. You do not need a Christian background! In fact, you will have an advantage if you forget all you know about "religion" and "Christianity." This course will bring you the fundamentals of what Jesus teaches through the Bible. Be prepared--you are going to fall in love in the tea room!

  • If I am a long-term Christian will I find these teachings heretical?

    No. Make no mistake--this course is a Bible study--not a blended religious teaching. The apostle Paul did not advocate blending Jesus with idolatry when he taught the Athenians about Jesus by referencing their local context through "the unknown god" and quoting Epimedes. Likewise, Pastor Randy does not advocate blending Jesus with any other faith. Pastor Randy's teaching is straight forward scripture using ESV (word for word) translation.

  • Who Is The Target Audience For The Tea Room Scrolls Teachings?

    There are four groups of people who are invited to mingle on this bridge. 1) Spiritual seekers from eastern, new age and indigenous faiths who want a safe space to learn about the love of Jesus. 2) Asian Christians who want a Bible study that honors their culture. 3) Western Christians who want to minister to a broader range of cultures. 4) Anyone looking to dive deeper into the fundamentals of Christ and apply those principles to their own life.

  • What denomination is Pastor Randy?

    As hinted above, Pastor Randy does not associate with any Christian denomination. His church is "non-denominational" in the truest sense. He believes we are called to follow Jesus, not a subsequent teacher (including himself). There are many distractions available, but one is best served by returning to the Bible and simply learning at the feet of Christ. As Jesus taught Martha, "one thing is necessary." (Lk 10:42) Therefore, Pastor Randy's teaching comes with no denominational filters, and no controversial theological slants.

  • I know nothing about Buddhism, Hindu, Shinto, Taoism, New Age, Native American or any other indigeous faiths. Will I find the context distracting or difficult to understand?

    The context is described to the average westerner so they understand how it relates to Jesus' teachings. And the context is easily separated from the content. Life-long Bible readers find the course fascinating because they see familiar scripture in a way they had either forgotten or was previously under a denominational filter. The opposite of distracting, the context forces us to laser focus our attention on the most important principles Jesus taught, and apply them to our own life.

  • If I agree with your former stance as a non/anti-Christian, will I find your teaching offensive or belittling?

    You are going to find a friend in Pastor Randy. Furthermore, you will find that much of what you dislike about Christianity is not from Jesus--it is from man. Jesus was most direct and confrontational when He was addressing the men who should have known better yet had misrepresented God the Father. If you sit back and relax into this journey, you will find extraordinary peace and joy is available to you.

  • Why bother to teach the Bible within such a "foreign" context?

    You will soon see that the context is not as "foreign" as you might think! Eastern thought permeates western culture to a much greater degree than you may realize. A young man attending a Christian college recently told me that the courses that were most sought after were eastern philosophy. You probably know the meaning of "karma" and "nirvana" even though you are not a Hindu or Buddhist. Pastor Randy can teach you what the Bible says about those concepts and dozens of others. And there is one other value of this context: it illuminates and focuses the teachings of Christ into PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS TO YOUR LIFE.